Writing Prompt - Beauty

This is from another Facebook writing prompt. I was supposed to post a picture of a woman that I personally found most attractive, then describe her in first-person POV as though I was a character in a story. Here it is. Make of it what you will.


The cool coastal breeze failed to chill the escalating heat of the blood that raced through my veins. The pulse wasn't slowing anytime soon -- not with this beauty in my line of sight.

Where were the words to describe this tall woman? A tower of feminine elegance, her form shone with a radiance that made those near her seem as mere waves upon a sea being parted by her presence. Her stature was accentuated by curves -- so many curves, with a robust breadth that perhaps indicated a heart of the same measure. Indeed, she was not merely tall, but broad, with a formidable girth that she carried with dignity and grace.

Her form was only complemented by her business-style dress -- the outfit of a professional, with a pattern of wide, descending white and gray stripes that swept and hugged her generous curves in all the right ways, and the ensemble was topped off by a white fedora. The hair itself, white with unprecedented maturity for a woman who appeared to be in her late twenties, draped like alabaster curtains and hung just below her ears, framing a fair, emotionless face whose narrow features stood in stark contrast to the grand volume of everything below it. Her dark sunglasses guarded ocular secrets that I wished to discover; were they hiding a soft gaze or a hard stare? Were they being aimed at me without my knowledge? Could she sense my curiosity; my desire?

And yet, there was a danger about her -- danger wrapped in unfettered elegance. How many hearts of men had she sunk to the bottom of the proverbial ocean? Would I, too, be sent to the murky abyss of Davy Jones' Locker if I dared hail for communications?

(Since it's artwork, I feel better about posting a link.)

Mad props to Aisxos for painting this gorgeous piece!

- Roystonn Pruitt, 6/23/14