"Frequently Asked Questions," or rather, "Frivolously Added Questions." These haven't been asked yet, but I put them here as a preemptive measure.

How much does Vol.1 cost? I still need to eat, and my cardboard box needs new paint.

$2.99 as an e-book.

But I don't own an e-reader! TOO 'SPENSIVE.

That's okay! It can also be downloaded from Smashwords as a PDF, HTML, or RTF file!

Will this ever go paperback?

I'm planning on it, hopefully sooner than later!

What is the content rated? I don't want little Timmy's eyes to bleed.

It's not meant for kids, but it's not vulgar, either. A place like Riesel obviously isn't going to be a garden of sugary rainbows (the world has enough diabetes as it is), but don't expect to see any sex scenes or overt lewdness. Profanity is present in the form of [expletive] tags, not shown outright (although I don’t consider words like “ass” or “piss” to be profane, so make of that what you will). The violence is rather graphic in places, and there are portrayals of alcohol and various things that you would naturally expect to see in a scummy city district. However, the stories do not serve as a vehicle for such things.

Why is the profanity censored? Can't you just leave it in or leave it out?

I'm not fond of profanity, and it tends to limit the audience and put a strain on the eyes. However, a world as gritty and immoral as Riesel would be strange without it. I experimented with using alien words for profanity, but that just looked silly. I found that having the profanity being implied purely by the narrative was too limiting for the dialogue, so I made a concession by adding [expletive] tags to the dialogue. That way, a character can “say” all kinds of questionable things and not raise the rating! It's word magic!

I think RTTH would make a good animated series. Do it now. My couch is armed and ready.

It's a nice idea for the future, but I'm sticking with books for now.

How many volumes will there be? I want to be reading new content when I'm a centenarian!

I have plans to keep this going for a very long time.

Will any individual RTTH stories be longer than a novelette?

Each issue that has "volume" in the title will consist of multiple stories ranging in length from short stories to novelettes. However, I am also planning standalone, full-length novels.

Mr. Pruitt, I see that you art. Can I expect to see comics in the future?

I art, yes, but I'm not planning any major comic projects. I mostly just do character illustrations, spacescapes, and 3D modeling for starships. However, I won't rule out the possibility of illustrating certain scenes here and there, even short comics.

Will you do art commissions?

Yes I do! I draw character-centric art, and the order page can be found by clicking here!

So I have this idea I think would be good for your stories...

Any ideas that are sent to me will be deleted on sight. I do not take ideas, no matter how pure their intent may be. If you'd like to see a new RTTH scenario, you're free to write a fan-fic about it on fanfiction.net or something. I encourage fan fiction -- it's a great creative outlet and wonderful medium for honing your writing skills (so long as it's not for profit or tarnishing the franchise). However, I will not read RTTH fan fiction for legal reasons.

Your links page contains lots of random stuff! Link exchange maybe?!

I'd rather not have a giant list of links to random sites that I know nothing about. However, I might do a link exchange in the future, though this will likely be with other authors and artists.

Is the name "Runge" just a play on "grunge?"

Actually, no. I named him after a little town in south Texas. The correlation between the two words is just a delightful coincidence.