Runge and Ramy

The titular bounty-hunting duo. Runge Margavo and Ramy Dusotes met a few years prior to Volume 1 and formed a tenuous partnership, allowing them to complete more difficult -- and thus more lucrative -- business contracts.

"Tenuous" is the operative word here, as they cannot go a day without bickering about something or tossing some sort of insult. When they're not butting heads, however, contracts are completed with relative efficiency.

Runge is a 27-year-old Sirukti (dingo-like humanoid) from Ahjri. He has a love for action and debauchery, cheerfully completing contracts on one hand and handling the ladies on the other. He prefers brute force when on a mission.

Ramy is a 28-year-old Lonkapi (wolf-like humanoid) from Audonika. She loves books and other things that Runge would consider boring. Her rational thinking often comes into conflict with Runge's volatility, but also keeps missions from turning into disasters. She prefers swiftness and stealth when on a mission.