The planet of Riesel is a dilapidated place, a far cry from its previously lofty position in the galactic theater. Its horizon-spanning cityscape was once a major trade center that boasted of opportunities for wealth and success for several millennia. Countless individuals from the galaxy's millions of sentient species proudly called the world home.

However, the world's monumental towers now sit largely in neglect, partially or completely abandoned and riddled with corrosion and filth. A few sections of the miles-high urban expanse are well-kept and heavily populated, but these are shimmering continents in an ocean of rust and corruption. Crime is rampant in all corners of the planet, which itself is ruled by a powerful mafia faction, the Bright Ebony Organization. Indeed, the world is a cutthroat's paradise.

For all of its literal and proverbial scum, there is an opportunity for those who are looking to collect the scum and haul it to the highest bidder. Thus we enter the scene of the bounty hunters. Just as many bounty hunters can be found in the average bar or club as can a criminal looking for asylum from a vengeful faction.

Runge Margavo and Ramy Dusotes are a team of such hunters, going about their daily lives taking whatever jobs they can in an effort to eke out an existence on such a large and unforgiving world. Riesel's hostility factor is a challenge in itself, but this is exacerbated by their clashing personalities: Runge is a carefree thug who wants all the pleasures of the galaxy, and Ramy is a straight-minded gunslinger who just wants to earn a living with as little trouble as possible. Despite their differences, their combined skills make their business partnership worthwhile...usually.