RTTH - Runge's Gaming Skillz

Writing prompt from Facebook: portray emotions WITHOUT dialogue. And lo, Runge's feelings as he delivers punishment to noobs in an online game. Level of canon: Yes.


It was a glorious feeling -- the feeling of the game controller vibrating with every unrelenting hit delivered by Runge's Level 95 Warmaster character. A determined volley of thumbs propagated his victorious campaign across the charred, cratered landscape.

The strikes of punishment were reverberant. The beleaguered and irate cries of untrained players cascaded through the headphones into Runge's auditory canals as he applied a merciless fiery bombardment of strikes from his ridiculously oversized sword. Their plaintive and profane calls for his real-life expiration ignited an exhilarating rush of adrenaline that sent his two hearts into a fevered sprint.

His grin crept further in its crooked extent. He could smell the fear of his virtual enemies -- enthralling. He could taste their tortured tears -- succulent. He could feel the vindictive hatred stabbing its way through the excited screen as their contemptuous insults cluttered the chat bar at the bottom of the game window. Many of his foes ragequit in gradual succession, their frantic and fractured voices cutting off mid-sentence.

Nothing else could compare to the sheer magnitude of how he relished in their infantile moaning. It fueled his desire to go further and continue to ignore the clock as night threatened to transition into morning. This was indeed the very essence of online gaming.

- Roystonn Pruitt, 9/15/13