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The dejected urban planet of Riesel has seen better days. Overrun with crime and ruled by a powerful mafia faction, the world is a cutthroat's paradise. It's also a fantastic place to be if you're looking to collect on a bounty. It's a cornucopia of opportunity for the bounty-hunting twosome Runge Margavo and Ramy Dusotes, but merely existing on such a hostile world is a challenge in itself. This is not made any easier by the fact that they have to survive each other in the process.


What Is This?

Riesel Tales: Two Hunters is a series of science fiction stories written by Roystonn Pruitt. They depict the daily lives of the two bounty-hunting protagonists, Runge and Ramy, on the run-down, hyper-urbanized planet of Riesel. The stories take place in the distant future and are a mix of action sci-fi, comedy, and slice-of-life.
Although Riesel is known throughout the galaxy as an overgrown crime pit, it is not merely that. The planet teems with history and diverse culture, and even plays host to a few good people who are just trying to make ends meet.

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the Book

Riesel Tales: Two Hunters, Volume 1 is a collection of the first four stories in the series. Each one is about the length of a novelette or shorter. Excerpts can be found here.

The book is available as an e-book download on Smashwords! It can be downloaded in several different formats for several different devices, even as a PDF or basic text document for those who would rather not use an e-reader!

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