Born in 1987, Roystonn Pruitt is a science fiction writer from Texas. He is the creator of the Riesel Tales series, and is in the process of writing the sequ-...

"Roy, what are you doing?"

Roystonn jolted at the interruption and darted his eyes to the source of the seemingly agitated voice. "Oh, hello Runge. I'm just working on my bio for my website."

The tall blue Sirukti shook his head in disdain. "I see that, but...what are you DOING? Is that really what you're putting?"

Roystonn gave a nervous rub to the side of his hat and looked at the screen again. "Well, I was...kinda planning to."

"But it's so BLAND, like Ramy's personality." Runge moved closer and placed a furry hand on Roystonn's shoulder. "It needs more zing."

Confusion took a front-row seat on Roystonn's face. "Zing? Is a bio supposed to have zing?"

Runge nodded vigorously with an almost condescending flair to his stark blue eyes. "Well yeah. Do you want to be laughed off the face of the planet? Do you want to live in a comically undersized box on the side of the street while people pelt you with soda cans, pointing and laughing at the man who couldn't write a good bio? You might even lose your hat!"

"Balderdash! It's not that ba-...wait, what?"

Runge rolled Roystonn's chair aside and began ticking away at the keys:

ROYSTONN PRUITT — This man has a vision. This man, armed with only a keyboard and his imagination, carves a smoldering path through the world of sci-fi literature. Many of his enemies have fallen at his hand, the landscape reddened with their inferior blood. Nations have knelt before his titanic power, and now, he begins his violent campaign in earnest with the release of Rie-...

In an instant, Roystonn shoved Runge from the keyboard with an expression of panic. "Gonna need you to stop. You make it sound like I'm some kind of mass murderer or bloodthirsty tyrant! Or both!"

Runge emerged from the new crater in the wall and wiped the small amount of blood from his nose, giving Roystonn an amused look. "Awww, but it makes you sound so pro!"

Another voice punched its way through the tension in the air, causing the two men to turn their attention to the female figure standing in the doorway. "Pro like a cheap street thug. Let me have a shot at it."

Runge flatbrowed. "Ramy, I don't think his bio needs pink puppies and flower-wreathed hearts. It was pathetic enough in the first place."

This incited an insulted "Hey!" from Roystonn, after which Ramy responded, "Unlike Runge's grade-school prattle, I'll make this baby shine."

A dream. A project. A big world. Roystonn Pruitt is a science fiction author with one ambition: ascension to the peak of the literary mountain. Riesel Tales: Two Hunters is the exciting culmination of that ambition, and it won't be slowing down anytime soon. Coming to theaters this summer, this exhilarating saga stars the daring and beautiful bounty hunter Ramy Dusotes, her semi-sentient and banana-loving accomplice Runge Margavo, and a handful of other colorful characters. Riesel defies all expectati-...

Flames exploded from Runge's canine ears. "Ey! You make me sound like an animalistic sidekick!"

Ramy shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm a big fan of realism."

Roystonn stared at the screen with no expression whatsoever, still trying to grasp what was happening. "I read that in the deep movie announcer voice...although it's not a movie. It's a book." He turned his head back at the other two. "No more, please. I think everyone gets it now."

The two bounty hunters threw their hands up in exasperation and made their way out the door, starting an argument between themselves in the process. Roystonn subsequently readjusted his chair and hat, then put his hands to the keyboard once more.

Roystonn Pruitt is a science fiction author from Texas. He is the creator of the Riesel Tales series, which is currently available on Smashwords in several electronic formats. His other interests include drawing, listening to music, cooking, gaming, and watching animation and stupid Garry’s Mod videos. He is an avid follower of Jesus Christ.

He often delves into the world of art, favoring depictions of space and futuristic technology and occasionally drawing the former himself. He's also fond of anthropomorphism, and most of his characters fall under this category.

Roystonn pulled his hands away from his keyboard and examined what he had written. A squinting eye and a wrinkling nose were the result. "Huh, that is pretty boring."