Reading Riesel Tales became an adventure for me. I followed the exploits of Runge and Ramy with a voracious appetite. The world of Riesel is dark, dank, and full of a criminals, villains, and just weird people -- just like Earth, only bigger.

I really like the fact the protagonists aren't human. For me, seeing the world through their animal-like view of it added great depth to the story.

Riesel kind of reminds me of Andre Norton's The Dipple in her books and I like Pruitt's writing style. It's succinct, rich in detail, and this is a great debut book for him.

I look forward to more tales from Riesel and going on the hunt with Runge and Ramy.

Green Fire ( user)

I feel like I'm reading an Andre Norton novel.

Parker J. Cole, author of Dark Cherub

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