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This is where Roy keeps large, dusty crates of idiosyncratic stories (canon or non) up for free viewing, and they may or may not have anything to do with Riesel Tales. Enjoy!

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4 Jan 2015    Writing Prompt - Fictional Advertisement

This is the horrifying result of the following writing prompt that I created for a sci-fi group on Facebook:

"Your goal is to write an advertisement for a fictional product, and have at least one character react to the advertisement. Is the product generic and boring? Is it so over-the-top that nobody would buy it? Is it so over-the-top that EVERYONE would buy it? Is the ad so weird and non-indicative of the product it promotes that the character thinks it was made by people on drugs? Would your character be groaning with exasperation or drooling with desire?"

30 Jun 2014    The Elevator

This is a reply to a silly DeviantArt forum post. I spent too long on it. I overthought it. I made it more complicated than it needed to be...all for the sake of comedy.

23 Jun 2014    Writing Prompt - Beauty

This is from another Facebook writing prompt. I was supposed to post a picture of a woman that I personally found most attractive, then describe her in first-person POV as though I was a character in a story. Here it is. Make of it what you will.

4 Jun 2014    RTTH - Bar Blunder

Some random two-paragraph story I wrote as a forum post on DeviantArt. Poor Ramy. Canon? I dunno.

20 Feb 2014    RTTH - Wrong Way

The demented product of yet another writing prompt. The idea was to describe a craggy-looking landscape with giant mushrooms in the form of a short short story. There had to be two characters, one of which was to say something stupid or witty and the other character was to react. As per logic, I used Runge and Ramy. This isn't canon, but it totally should be.

15 Sep 2013    RTTH - Runge's Gaming Skillz

Writing prompt from Facebook: portray emotions WITHOUT dialogue. And lo, Runge's feelings as he delivers punishment to noobs in an online game. Level of canon: Yes.

15 Sep 2013    RTTH - Lunchtime at Burger Entropy

I was challenged to portray emotion using only dialogue (Facebook writing prompt). This is the hilarious (and hereby canon) product of that challenge.

7 Sep 2013    Random - The Plight of Clarence

This is the result of a writing prompt I came across in a sci-fi group on Facebook. The prompt was an image of a man standing atop a ridge overlooking a large, dark city. The city was sitting atop a tall mesa jutting up from the center of an active volcanic caldera. The entire landscape was barren black rock.


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