Greetings, curious onlookers! I am Roystonn Pruitt, creator and proprietor of Riesel Universe. 

Riesel Universe is a broad term that encompasses anything and everything that occurs within the same continuity as Riesel Tales, whether or not it has anything to do with the actual planet. Riesel Tales: Two Hunters is but a small part of what is planned.

Even though writing is my forte, I'm also an artist. Riesel-related art can be found at, and you can find a bunch of miscellaneous art (mostly fan art) at

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What is science fiction? Since I was young, I found it to be an exciting window into the realm of that which has yet to come. I gawked at the stories and pictures of spaceships of impossible design, traversing the unfathomable depths of space at speeds that threw Einstein's theories right back into his astounded face; as well as great and wondrous extrasolar planets with ecosystems of untold peculiarity, and the bizarre alien species which inhabited those planets.

As a child, I had the desire to write my own tales. If I watched a cartoon, I imagined how I could have made it better in some way, with or without sanity included. I would go to my room and use some random surface as my grand podium upon which I dictated the creation of worlds and characters of my own. I was first inspired by cartoons, then space operas and crime dramas. As time passed, I attempted to write my own tales in earnest (though poorly), then moved to fanfiction, then back original fiction.

And then Riesel came along.

Inspired by the harrowing adventures of tough mercenaries, pirates and bounty hunters; my personal life and adventures on the Internet; and mixed with the awe-inspiring scale and possibilities of future technology and space, Riesel came to be something that I wanted to focus on. Furthermore, I wanted to portray realistic characters and scenarios as well, diving into the depths of the mind while also providing humor that wasn't fished out of the sewers.

This is naught but the beginning — the bare tip of a much larger universe. Sit back, set to cruise, and enjoy.

Riesel Universe and all associated content is copyright © 2012 Roystonn Pruitt